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       from a dream to reality...       

About Us

Our story begins with Cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon   cancer at age 42. I was given the death sentence of one year to live. In shock I didn't know how to cope. We had only been married 2 years and together we have five children. Making things worse at the time, my husband was still dealing with the loss of his father to pancreatitis cancer and his uncle to stomach cancer. 

After treatment started, of radiation and chemotherapy, I would get so sick. I couldn't eat and if I did I threw it up.  Out of desperation to keep me alive, my husband started to do research on CBD Oil.  After several attempts, he finally figured out how to make CBD oil and I was willing to try.

Once treatment ended I was no longer able to stay in my career. I could no longer concentrate or remember anything. Depression quickly set in. Anxiety was now my best friend. Every doctor appointment created so much anxiety for me. Plus, the pain from the treatment, made every day a nightmare. 

Desperate to help me again, my husband created a blend of full spectrum whole plant CBD oil and Hawaiian grown vanilla. After just one day amazingly it worked! Anxiety level lowered. I felt calm and relaxed after 1 month of using the vanilla tincture.

I still suffer chronic nerve pain daily from the chemotherapy. Once again, my husband started researching full spectrum CBD for pain. This time he created a proprietary blend of pure CBD and organic coconut oil. This is truly a miracle oil! I am a true believer in the CBD Oil and tinctures my husband has created. 


Elaine and Esket 

Mahalos Ke Akua 

Hence the name Akua’s Blend, as a thank you to God for every blessed day.

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