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All of Akua's Blend Hemp CBD cookies are 100% vegan. No eggs or butter are used in the creation of our delicious, crunchy cookies.

Every cookie is hand crafted, no machine is used in the creation of every batch.  Each cookie is hand rolled and pinched to the perfect size.  We only use our Akua's Blend Hemp CBD Vanilla, giving  our cookies the relaxing feeling you need to ease anxiety.

2 cookies per serving.  Each serving is a 25 mg of Hemp CBD.

Give yourself a nice treat before bed, and have a restful night.

Full Spectrum
CBD Hemp

Akua's Blend Vanilla Extract is only made from Full Spectrum Hemp and Hawaiian grown Vanilla.

· Whole plant extract provides faster, better relief, with effects that last longer.

· Full Spectrum extraction contains, Vitamins A, C, E along with complex B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin and thiamine.

· Beta - Carotene is abundant in  full spectrum extracts.

· Minerals including zinc, potassium, iron,  calcium and phosphorus.

· 20 amino acids including the nine essential ones. Such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which promote better heart health benefits.

and your pets.

Hemp CBD activates TRPV-1 receptors, which regulates pain perception, inflammation, and temperature.

Alleviating the following symptoms:

· Allergies

· Anxiety

· Appetite

· Arthritis

· Chronic Pain

· Deteriorating quality of life

· Digestive issues

· Fatty tumors

· Glaucoma

· Homeostasis

· Inflammatory Bowel Disease

· Inflammation

· Joint & Mobility Issues

· Phobias (Thunderstorms, Fireworks)

· Skin problems